6 Must Read Business Books

For Female Entrepreneurs

It’s fall and that calls for pumpkin spiced lattes, sweater weather and cool days sitting inside catching up on my reading!

I absolutely LOVE reading, I love the Indigo Chapters book store it’s probably my favourite place. I especially love when a book gets worn and the pages crinkle. OH, I also love bookmarks too *happy sigh*

This past summer I actually read a ton of books… 6 to be exact!

They helped me through the tough times with my business, especially when my creativity was down and my over all self was low and all I could think was “what the heck am I even doing?” yah feel me?

Let me welcome you the 6 reads of my summer! I believe every entrepreneur should have these in her library, kobo reader or audible app!

Girl, Stop Apologizing

THIS right here ladies has been my FAVOURITE, no joke….FAVOURITE book all summer. Rachel Hollis is such a fantastic writer and I want to be her friend like yesterday. Her first book Girl, Stop Apologizing actually took me over 6 months to purchase. I got tons of mixed reviews, some people loved it and some people found she went a little over board on a few things and they just couldn’t relate.

Reminder she is a mom and runs a multimillion dollar business. Something I sadly (not yet) can relate to! But I said F this and I went for it. It was a fun read and there were chapters I actually could relate to when she spoke about relationships, self worth, self love and all the things we women like to pick at about ourselves.

When I finished I knew I wanted her 2nd book Girl, Stop Apologizing which is this one here. It was absolutely everything I needed at this point in my life. She really dives into owning and running a business, finding time to do the things you love, not doing all the things but doing one thing at a time (guilty).

She also showed me that, yes she may own a multi-million dollar business, is a wife and a mom. But there were incredible hurdles and hoops she had to jump through to get there. Her big break wasn’t until she was in her 30’s and she wrote countless books, hundreds of blog posts before anyone even decided to look her way.

She has a ton of shit and lets you know you’re not the only one, but you have to keep going and to not give up. Success doesn’t happen over night, and nobody’s life is perfect. Rachel shares some amazing stories and each chapter is so good!

Grab it on Amazon here #happyreading

Crushing It! by Gary Vee

Alright, he’s a real talk kind of guy. I decided to go for this book with really no expectations other than the fact I enjoyed listening to his podcasts and love his no BS instagram feed.

This book, I read in ONE NIGHT!!! Ya hear me, ONE… NIGHT!! I stayed up until the wee hours of the night (2am) and finished it.

I was blown away by how much I didn’t know when it came to the social media platforms. Gary breaks down Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Music.ly and others you may not have heard of. He even provides examples of real people with their social handles who are killing it and what they went through to become successful.

If you want more knowledge about the social platforms and examples of people who didn’t just wake up and become influencers or youtube stars but that they worked for months or years to even get noticed. This book is awesome and I highly recommend it when you don’t feel motivated…it will motivate you when you’re done!

Find the book here


This book I really can’t remember why I picked it up, maybe it was because of the cool name? #GirlBoss

Sophia Amoruso is probably the most unlikely person you’d ever expect to have become successful. The things she went through and the background she does not have is incredible.

If you’re looking for a story about an ‘underdog’ so to speak, and you feel like you’ve got no education, or business background to run a million dollar establishment this one is for you.

She really breaks down her journey and how she found a niche within her passion. She figured out what women wanted and how she could help them!

This book really inspired me and made me happy knowing I can learn just about anything on my own! You don’t need an education to be successful, it is helpful but you can do just fine without it too :).

Find the book here


This was a fun book I also read quite quickly!

I have always been fascinated with social media, especially Instagram and the people that are successful within.

You see the highlight reels of promotions and ads but really what is it like behind the scenes, are there jobs for these people? Do companies actually look for ‘influencers’? Brittney is a genius and her job is really effing cool!

She finds influencers for thousands of campaigns and hundreds of clients.

This is a great book to read if you’re looking to dive into that market, or how you can get there and what it takes.

She breaks down the behind the scenes of what it’s like, the do’s and don’ts behind being a social media influencer through a certain platform. She also brings many examples and real people to share their stories.

I enjoyed this read and now have a different perspective on the industry, it also helps me create better content for my own social channels. You never know who might be watching!

Find the book here

Girl Code

If you’ve followed Cara on IG then you’ll know this women is as classy as they come, she has vogue written all over her. I absolutely LOVE her style, her passion and enthusiasm for being a bad ass and for letting people know they can have anything they want as long as they believe it!

This book was an easy read and super enjoyable, she brings in many guests to talk about how they became successful in their niche.

She also speaks about her own journey and how believing in yourself and manifesting the things you want is a real thing. It’s about telling yourself on a daily, writing it down again and again to make shit happen!

Find the book here

Business Boutique

I wish I picked this book up BEFORE I began my business journey. Why? because it is interactive and you’re encouraged to fill in the blanks and write out your answers after each chapters.

This basically becomes your business plan, which is so cool!

Christy breaks everything down for you so it makes sense, and she asks all the right questions for you to really get to know your ideal client and have a base for your business.

If you’re just starting out and you have no idea what to even do, pick this book up first! It is a must must musssssttt READ for all the new ladies who think they have no skills or ideas to run a business. Trust me when I say, after this book you will be running full speed ahead!

Find the book here

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