I'm so Happy you are here!

This is where you get to know a little bit about me. I have been a creative, what feels like my entire life. I never fit in that mold, I was always an outsider. But the moment I was either working with my hands, taking the reigns creatively or spending time bonding with my horse I was exactly who I needed to be.

I then started my business ( which is in the works to transform into a studio! Stay tuned) But I absolutely love bringing peoples visions to life. I love teaching women how to become confident in tech, websites and moving forward in their business. So let’s connect and get you started!

Xo, Tina

Does this sound familiar?

You’re probably just starting out in business and trying to find a route that will allow you to learn what you need to get you online. Ah, you’re in the right place, that’s what I teach.

Or maybe you’re in a space of trying to hire out so that you can move forward in your business, I can help with that too! I love getting creative and building something beautiful.

Investing in yourself and in your business is crucial for growth, whether it’s hiring a team member, a designer, purchasing a course. 

These are the things that will move your business forward. So don’t be afraid to take the leap, I have done it and so had the next business owner. 

I can help you


Navigate WordPress

I can help you navigate WordPress like a pro with my WordPress Made Easy Course. Get all the tools you need to design your website DIY for less than the cost of hiring. I recommend this for beginner entrepreneurs who can’t invest a lot up front. Grab it Here


Design Your Website

Ready to take the leap hiring a designer? Hire me and let’s get you set up and online! Click the button below and book a call with me.


Learn the Tech to Scale

I teach a ton of tech in my Facebook group, with guest speakers, tips, tricks and so much more. Check it out HERE

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get to know me better

can't live without...



Cannot live without this guy, I rescued him 13 years ago. I love horses, they are majestic and I find a lot of my inspiration being with him. His name is Jackson.



My two little trouble pups, Odie and Gizmo. They have so much personality and character. Working from home makes it easy when I get to spend time with them. 



Vegan Pizza is the BEST, pizza anytime. Honestly, it’s my favorurite food. Haha the way to my heart is this way.

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