My go to tech tools

As my business grows so do the tools I use! Below you will find all the fun techy stuff that I have used in the past or are currently using. Each one has it’s own purpose, and you don’t need to begin with all. There are many free tools I used in the beginning to get my business up and running at a very low cost. I will share that with you soon, so stay tuned!


WordPress is one of my favorite platforms to build websites on and that is where my own website lives.  WordPress is a Free platform, but in order to use it you must sign up for Hosting, I use SiteGround and love them. I do have a link if you’d like to use it HERE


If you are a beginner and want to do your own designs, need templates and a helping hand, Canva is what you should check out. I definitely recommend hiring a designer once you establish yourself, but this is a great place to start! Try it HERE


A Business Management Tool everyone who takes payments needs. If you’re a designer, or a service based business then Dubsado is for you. This automates all your projects, contracts and payments in one place. Check it out HERE


In the beginning I used Flodesk for my email campaigns. I highly recommend Flodesk if you’re just starting your email list out, and you need help on the design. They have gorgeous templates and easy to use drag and drop builders. Try it HERE


Kartra is an amazing project management tool I use to host where my course lives. It allows me to upload all my videos, have a membership, create different thank you pages, check out pages, send email campaigns, and so much more! If you’re looking to automate things then this is the tool for you. Check it out HERE


I cannot stress this enough, the moment you begin making money in your business, separate your business and personal banking right away! Next step should be investing in Quickbooks self-employed. This will make tax time a breeze and has saved me from pulling my hair out. Trust me, try it HERE

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