Web Building Services vs Self-Hosted

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It has been a fun journey as a Graphic and Web Designer, with that lovely title though I’ve had my fair share of struggles and frustrations.

As you may have guessed, I built my website by myself.

But before I got to where I am now I kid you not I tried EVERY website building platform out there. I took a stab at website building on WIX, SquareSpace and wordpress.com. Yes, these are drag and drop builders but if you’ve never built a website before you have no idea where widgets should go, what content you should have and how a website should be presented so it doesn’t look like a disaster.

You don’t have to be a developer or learn a lick of code to build a website these days. Which is such a relief because a coded from scratch website will cost thousands and I believe if you’re a large corporation you should definitely have a custom coded website. This ensures everything works the way YOU want it to for your business.

But this doesn’t mean a none-coded website can’t work the same and provided great value for a small business. You can do incredible things with websites these days especially with all the themes out there that would make it unique to you!

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed at this point it’s ok, don’t panic!

I’m here to make your decision on which website builder you should go with OR if you should hire someone like myself who went through the blood, sweat and tears to figure out which would be best in the long run haha.

Web Building Service

Alright, as mentioned I have tried many but the two mentioned above WIX and SquareSpace are very popular for small business owners who want a quick, easy, ready to go in a day website.

These web building platforms easily connect to a domain and make it possible for you to work on their servers right away! These companies handle the administrative portion for you and then provide you with the tools to build on the front-end of you website. They do this for a monthly/annual fee. But, should you want to add other plugins or features you may be asked to pay for them.

You also must remember that all the content you create on these website building platforms is owned by the companies. Should they ever go under or disappear, all your information would go with them because you are using their services.

Self-Hosted Website

This is the platform I enjoy the most, although it was a learning curve I highly recommend you go with hosting and wordpress.org

It’s free to download, installs quickly and is backed by a community of web designers and developers who love it as well!

All you have to do is get a third party paid hosting server which is a yearly fee, you get free emails and a secure website to host your wordpress platform. Here you get to build on the back-end of your site. You can easily use theme builders such as Elementor and Divi which are great widget builders. Making a site through WordPress a breeze to build.

In WordPress you build your site using plugins, these help your site function and are built by developers so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Many are free and there are some you can pay for as well.

You can truly build a simple site with all the free functions through WordPress and only paying for your yearly hosting and domain fees. These are standard and I can talk about this in another post when I break down my favourite hosting platforms!


I highly recommend going with hosting and wordpress.org, it will save you money in the long run and allow for way more functionality in the future when your business evolves.

It takes time but if you work with a designer who can build you a simple website and teach you how to use it (like I do) then you will feel confident in having a beautiful website to showcase AND you will now how to handle the back-end.

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